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Want Your Workforce to Perform Better?

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Macondo Vision provides business owners a new way to assess labor force effectiveness and interaction with machines, products and each other. Macondo Vision’s system uses computer vision to collect data on your labor force and utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to highlight gaps between expected and actual results. This analysis provides usable insights to management so improvements can be made to optimize operations. Application of our system has shown it can enhance productivity by more than 15% without the need to expand engineering capacity or staff. Affordable, scalable and completely automated, Macondo Vision provides business managers the tools to optimize performance through ingenuity.


Multiplying the Power of Your Business

Built from the ground up to take you to the next level.

Macondo Vision was built by a team of forward-thinking industry executives, operators and advisors with years of experience across business operations, productivity, supply chain management, technology and the hospitality industry. We provide a streamlined visual platform promoting greater performance from both employees and internal systems. Our cutting-edge system installs easily, runs seamlessly, and is designed to continually gather data, monitor execution of tasks and provide AI-generated ways to improve. The system’s ability to adapt, learn and continually improve output have generated ongoing business relationships with dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Now it is affordable to virtually any business.

Unlocking Value Through Insights

The Macondo Vision platform continuously collects onsite data about your staff and uses it to produce intelligent reporting and unbiased guidance for your oversight team. The platform works unobtrusively so it never interferes with internal procedures.

Cameras Capture Activity
And Create Data


Cameras installed in operations capture key performance information as data within the software platform.

Machine Learning
converts to insights


AI maps the actions against our algorithms to determine gaps between optimal performance and actual activity.

Insights Engine Drives
Management Effectiveness


Enriched data is processed through our insights engine to expose weaknesses in production, continuity, labor standards & safety protocols and recommends improvements.

Industry Driven Solutions

Promoting Ideal Production in Warehouse & Hospitality Operations.

Macondo specializes in utilizing AI and machine learning to create an ever-evolving platform designed to bolster production, not effort. We enable you to garner the best performance from your workforce in ways that benefit your people, your customers and your business.


Designed for retailers and manufacturers

Our platform collects data and provides artificial intelligence input on how to increase productivity and speed, and help reduce injury, error and associate disengagement.  Our solution enables your employees to work more efficiently and cost-effectively, and your business to remain competitive in a dynamic marketplace.


Designed to optimize service and profitability in hospitality

Bar owners and operators face unique struggles with inventory and regulation compliance. Our platform collects data on everything from food and drinks served to bills paid to employee conduct. This sleek, unobtrusive system keeps track of inefficiencies and provides insights to help management make adjustments as needed.

The Technology you’ve always wanted

With Macondo Vision, you can improve your output and quality control without adding staff or increasing stress in your work environment. This camera-based data-gathering technology blends seamlessly into your environment to capture relevant data and produce fact-driven insights designed to streamline production and reduce employee inefficiency and error.

Macondo Vision’s convenient set-up, user-friendly application and attractive pricing quickly turn your business into a smarter, more flexible machine. See where technology can take you.

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