Hospitality Operations

Unique Hospitality Challenges

Restaurant and bar owners face a number of challenges to protect their profitability and compliance with liquor laws.  Solutions in todays market merely report what owners already know – there is a discrepancy between what they should have in inventory and what they actually have at the end of each shift.  Weight sensors and pour trackers may give you more precision about the inventory deviation, but they are expensive and do not tell you the one thing that can fix it – who took the missing inventory?

Best in class operators are also looking for solutions that can help drive better customer satisfaction. How long have customers been seated prior to a server taking an order? How long in between server visits? Measuring and improving these behaviors is proven to increase revenue and lifetime value of patrons.


  • Shrink in bars and restaurants is estimated between $3-6 Billion annually
  • Product costs have increased 20-100%, most of which cannot be passed on to customers
  • Local laws related to bootlegging (aka – giving away drinks not on a comp tab) carry heavy fines and threaten licenses

Macondo Vision provides automated monitoring and reporting on key bar metrics

Our passive capture of activity answers these questions and allows owners visibility into their operations that haven’t before been available. We’re able to recognize drinks served by type (pint glass, wine, shot, etc) and tie to any POS to report on daily deviations. We can also track customer contact throughout a restaurant to ensure that your team is performing at the level demanded by today’s consumers. Our dashboards are straightforward and easy for owners and local management teams to use almost immediately.