Our Technology

Designed to Optimize Human Performance

Platform as a Service Solution

HD video imagery is captured, converted to raw data, and analyzed using machine learning to create insights.  These insights are displayed to clients on dynamic dashboards (PowerBI and Tableau). Macondo Vision provides detailed analysis of what actually happened in the areas monitored and enables clients to make meaningful changes to staffing, product placement, and ergonomics.  Macondo Vision’s proprietary webhook alerting systems allow for seamless integration back into transactional systems while allowing notification of client leadership concerning performance anomalies in near-real time.

Cameras are installed

A Macondo Vision professional installs cameras that provide 156⁰ of view of high labor content areas, each covering around 100 square feet. The captured video is sent to locally installed media players via USB or POE cabling and initial processing of the video is done on these edge devices.

Media Players Annotate Captured Inputs

Macondo Vision’s platform uses a proprietary processors to ‘annotate’ video feeds. This processing not only places a skeletal overlay on each worker but also performs any needed object recognition (boxes/glasses). Server racks may be utilized in some installations at scale to increase processing power. Our software uses customized pose detection to map worker movement across the 14 skeletal joint points, and performs action recognition on each frame.

Routers transmit the data

This enriched data is sent through bonded 4G / 5G router or uploaded via client infrastructure to our secure Microsoft Azure cloud where the data is stored for further analysis.

Cloud Processing, Artificial INTELLIGENCE and Machine Learning

Captured actions are processed in the cloud are mapped against Macondo Vision’s proprietary Insights Engine to determine gaps between optimal performance and actual activity. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning enables action recognition of specific movements. These recognized actions are categorized and tagged for reporting.

Reports Sent to Client Dashboard

Insights Engine triggered alerts populate our client dashboards to enable leaders optimize their labor in ways never before possible.

Realization of Value

Macondo can track what others cannot

We can track individuals currently measured as teams (shipping/receiving docks, VAS areas, etc).  We can track drinks served by specific bartenders to ensure totals align with POS.

Macondo Augments Engineering Activities

We can provide credit for all actions rather than using frequencies and averages which rarely benefit the associates.  We add lower cost tracking and exponential amounts of data capture to increase precision of standards.