Health and Safety Compliance

Social Distancing Monitor

For business owners operating under social distancing rules who want to ensure safety and compliance without added labor, Macondo Vision is a set of camera-based tools and protective coverings that enables automated temperature verification, monitoring of human interaction areas and antimicrobial surface protection. Unlike security systems or other thermal imaging solutions which require continual human monitoring, Macondo Vision passively tracks associates to reduce contact with symptomatic people, reports  contact patterns and compliance, directly protects commonly contacted surfaces and provides visibility to keep your operations safe and compliant.


  • The Federal Government “Guidelines for Opening Up America Again” for Employers focuses on using Social Distancing and Protective Equipment as a best practice.
  • The Center for Disease Control recommendation for “Healthy Business Operations” stresses 
    maintaining distance (at least 6 feet or 2 meters) from others when possible.
  • State and local governments can mandate these requirements.

Macondo Vision monitors definable distances between people within coverage areas

Cameras can be installed throughout any environment where people are gathered for work, entertainment, or shopping including industrial, hotel and office lobbies, bars and restaurants, conference venues, and retail outlets. We offer a platform as a service to monitor and can highlight challenges in any of those areas where infractions are likely. Our dashboards and heatmaps can be customized to highlight the critical concerns for your operations and help you form solutions to improve compliance with federal, state, and local reopening guidelines.